Microsoft Power BI

Make better business decisions in your organization using Microsoft's business intelligence platform, Power BI. With Power BI you can get a data-driven company culture, let us explain!

Business Intelligence from Microsoft

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based platform where you can easily and neatly present your desired data from several of the various data sources that you use, for example Excel or MS SQL Server. Once you have linked the sources you wish to analyze, you can do this smoothly in Power BI. The solution is flexible as it can be offered to all your employees in your organization. The platform also features sensitivity rating and data loss protection so you can feel secure with your chosen Business Intelligence solution and the information stays where you want it.

Infozone and Power BI

Together we talk about what you want, what questions you might have to gain knowledge about what you want from your business intelligence soultion to make the right decision. It offers hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI features, easy Excel integration and custom data connections. In addition to this, we can also create apps based on your wishes and insight goals so expanding your organization for you will be easier because you have the right tools. We help you implement your BI strategy and maximize the value and benefit of BI throughout your organization.

Vi berättar varför du ska använda Power BI

Why choose Power BI?

To gain a better understanding of your business and be competitive, we can imagine that you have a long list of issues such as what you offer, how you do it, what is demanded, what has changed, what products sells less of and so on to which you want answers. Then we can warmly recommend you to implement Power BI to your business to get the answers. With the answers you can easily make the right decision for your organization.

Testa Power BI kostnadsfritt

Try out the desktop version

If you want to test Power BI, there is a desktop version to download where you get the opportunity to know if it is the right platform for you to develop your decision support. We help you to further develop Power BI based on your wishes. For more information about the free version click here!