Our history of successful collaborations with clients in virtually every industry says a lot about our capabilities, and above all, our joy and ambition is constantly evolving.

Infozone is an IT consulting firm with broad expertise within systems development, virtual infrastructure and business intelligence. We deliver customized, efficient and robust IT systems as well as structuring and automating your IT environments for optimum performance, operation and economy. Our experienced resources and our expertise develop innovative solutions to suit your needs.

As customers of ours, you will receive information, knowledge and support for all situations. We help you individually or in teams where we have the opportunity to take responsibility for the entire project from analysis and design through to the implementation and testing, operation, evaluation and analysis of results.

Of course, we always work with our customers and users at the center to choose the techniques, frameworks and methodologies based on your needs and situation. We believe that we can make you a hero of your organization with the help from our heroes – We Create Heroes!

What characterizes our business is the ability to act, our skilled competence and having a strong cohesion. Our diverse skills and specialist areas complement each other, and together we form a powerful team that seamlessly handles both small and large projects. Our history of successful collaborations with customers in virtually every industry says a lot about our capabilities, and above all, our joy and ambition is constantly evolving.


Why Infozone

Infozone is a tech consulting company with a focus on the individual. The values that describe what we stand for are flexibility, fun, health, leadership, knowledge, and respect.

We embrace Knowledge

We are passionate about learning and seek to constantly improve and innovate. We learn from others and from our challenges & successes.

We are Flexible

We offer a flexible workplace, solutions, and assignments. Flexibility also means that we adapt solutions to our customers.

We are Healthy

Infozone promotes a healthy workplace and offers a variety of well-being initiatives for all employees.

We have Fun

It is important for us to have fun together and be team-oriented. We work hard and at the same time, we have fun while doing it.

We are Leaders

We take pride in our work and aim to provide first-class solutions that deliver premium value to our customers.

We Respect each other

Infozone commits to creating a safe work environment. We are tolerant and inclusive, and we support and help each other.

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