Infozone collaborates with several partners to create the right IT solution for our clients. Together we can make a difference!

Innovative technology is everywhere and gives us new opportunities for creativity and progress. Microsoft sees how these advances change our lives and help us in our everyday life. Their technological visions have always been a driving force and inspiration. It is a challenge to lead the development forward and to create innovations every day to improve the way we live and work. This partnership is strategically important for us as a company, since Infozone intends to create high-business value and quality for our customers with the help of Microsoft.
In recent years, Microsoft’s product portfolio has evolved and changed to cover more areas that are central to our customers’ businesses, and respond to the requirements for increased integration and cooperation opportunities between products.

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Citrix is the leader within the mobile-working area and brings together virtualization, networking and cloud services to enable new ways of working smarter and more effectively. Today’s employees are working from a variety of places, both on personal devices and enterprise devices. Furthermore, events such as mergers, acquisitions and even disasters require rapid IT solutions to get employees to start working as soon as possible.
Companies need to think about how they can securely deliver content to employees who do not use or are not located at the usual places, devices, or systems. Mobile-working technology addresses these requirements by securely delivering applications, data, files and services seamlessly to any user, on any device and across any network. Infozone is a Citrix Gold Partner.

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TimeXtender democratizes access to corporate data enabling business users and liberating IT. TimeXtender Data Warehouse Automation software TX DWA combines with Qlik to create an unrivaled, comprehensive, end-to-end solution for Qlik users. TX DWA helps companies tap into multiple data sources, extract relevant information, and place that information in a structured Discovery Hub, allowing users to access information quickly and easily, and get one version of the truth. Plugged in TimeXtender gives companies the power to fully engage their organization. With more than 2,600 customers and various partners worldwide, TimeXtender is a clear leader in Data Warehouse Automation.

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Qlik was founded in Sweden in 1993 with the goal of solving real problems for all types and sizes of businesses and organizations. Qlik currently has over 32,000 customers in over 100 countries who use QlikView to support their most important decisions. Qlik has been and is a pioneer in user-driven Business Intelligence. Their products are today’s leading Business Discovery platform, QlikView. That associates data in a simple way giving the possibility to visualize easy-to-understand relationships between many different data sources. This tool is incredibly flexible and scalable. This is one of the reasons that Qlik customers are very satisfied with QlikView, as well as the business value it delivers. And therefore, we decided to partner with Qlik and be a reseller of their products. If you want to know more about QlikView, please continue reading here.


RES is a leader in the “Digital Workspace” technology. They help organizations achieve better business results with control over security and compliance – while doing business technology easier and more reliable for employees to use. RES has a user-centered approach, which provides secure access to technology, even in complex multi-unit/ multi-location scenarios. RES was named “Cool Vendor 2015” by Gartner Inc. for the innovative features of the RES ONE Service Store.

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IGEL Technology is the global leader in thin clients. They help todays organizations improve the agility, efficiency and security of their virtual desktop and application delivery systems. IGEL produces on of the industries widest range of hardware for thin clients, based on Linux and Microsoft Windows, and is the market leader of software for thin clients so that customers can access a wide range of server-based infrastructure and applications. Our solutions are ideal for thin clients from IGEL, therefore we are proud to be partners with IGEL.

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FSLogix has a product called ”Apps” that solves common problems for those of you who work with application delivery. The product can be installed in your existing environment and doesn´t involve a completely new rollout of standard packages, etc. The functions can be divided into different areas: Application Access, Java Version Management, Profile Management, licensing. This is an exciting cooperation for us at Infozone.

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Dell EMC works with several industry-leading technologies and platforms, such as the complete infrastructure storage, such as backup and recovery, Enterprise content management, unified storage, Enterprise storage, scale-out NAS, big data solutions, archiving and data security. With our partnership, we can offer you a complete storage solution.

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Caprator offers a unique bank of knowledge and competence for effective performance management of a company’s working capital (inventories, account receivables and accounts payable). They have a proven method to help businesses release cash from working capital, i.e. to reduce inventory and receivables and increase accounts payable. Their focus is on results, value, and profitability, and because of these values Infozone chose to partner with Caprator, which agrees with our own way of thinking and acting.

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Nutinix virtual computer platform is a converged infrastructure that consolidates the computer level (server) and storage level to one single, integrated device. Nutanix deliver a cost-effective solution with predictable scalability for even the most intensive workloads. Infozone wants to simplify IT so that the focus is in the right place, to deliver user experiences and applications. We believe that Nutanix is far ahead of all other vendors in Hyper Converge and they are a given piece of our puzzle.

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Our partner Effectplan delivers a modern budget system for budget and forecast. They deliver high quality solutions for performance management (CPM). Do you have poor system support for your budget and forecast where you mainly use Excel or old budget systems? Then Effectplan is the right solution for you. Effectplan has been developed together with customers to meet the needs that management and CFO may have. Effectplan is one of Infozone’s Business Intelligence partners, let us together help you with your system for budget and forecasting.

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Lavastorm accelerates and automates self-service data preparation and advanced analytics for the enterprise. Their software makes it easy to blend complex data from multiple sources to empower technical and non-technical users to quickly build sophisticated analytic applications, as well as harness our robust predictive analytics capabilities.

We at Infozone believe Lavastorm’s intuitive workflows, collaboration tools and extensive pre-built libraries enable our customers to deliver the fastest, most accurate insights to the business.
Their proven technology is used by thousands of analysts at leading global companies to solve their complex, data-driven problems where speed and accuracy is mission-critical to maintain competitive advantage.

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Twenty-five years ago, NVIDIA decided to work with graphics. With a strong focus on the massive growth of the gaming market and its inequitable demand for better 3D graphics, NVIDIA continued to develop the GPU to be the brain of the computer at the crossing of virtual reality, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. NVIDIA GPU has become the essential tool for Da Vincis and Einsteins of our time. For the virtual world with Citrix in the lead, NVIDIA GRID also offers a great opportunity. These virtual GPUs allow us to publish applications like CAD from within a data center or cloud with optimal performance.

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