“The major benefits are that we now have much higher visibility on our information. It allows us to act much faster and better.”

John Thacker, Siemens Security Products

“People really adjust to the system, probably because it is so easy to work with and you can get a lot of useful information out of it.”

Kerstin Solbu, Hultafors Group

“It is clear that Infozone knows QlikView. They understand our needs and provide quick responses. Despite all the possibilities of the tool, it is still easy to work with.”

Thony Lindvall, SBS Discovery

Why Infozone

We build the company that we would like to work with – we hope that you want this too.

We have high Knowledge

We dare to stand with our backs straight and honestly say that we are knowledgeable in our areas. Our consultants deliver safe and secure solutions to our customers with a high level of competence. They are also happy to share their knowledge so we together help to further develop each other.

We are Flexible

We offer flexibility for our employees in the form of a workplace, solutions we work with and assignments. Our flexibility also means that we can be adaptable in our solutions to our customers.

We are Healthy

Infozone is a healthy, prosperous and healthy company. With a job in front of the computer, it is important that we engage each other in activity so we stay ready to deliver expertise.

We have Fun

It is important for us that we have fun together and that Infozone feels like a fun workplace. We work hard but at the same time we have fun while we do it.

We are Leaders

We lead ourselves and others to create results based on the wishes of employees and customers.

We Respect each other

We talk to each other, not about each other - Infozone should be a safe workplace for all employees where we support and help each other. We show respect for each other when we talk to each other and not about each other.

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