We work for a sustainable future

For us at Infozone, it is important that we do what we can – we must do our part when it comes to sustainability work, and therefore we work based on sustainability promises with various sub-goals. Our promises and milestones are based on achieving our big main goal which is; that we promise you that we will become a climate-smart IT supplier. Climate-smart in all three aspects of sustainability – social, economic, and ecological.

Social Sustainability Promise

Infozone shall be an attractive employer in the segment of intermediate companies in the IT sector.

In our promise of our development in the social aspects, we have worked on the basis of sub-goals under the categories: skills development, employee appraisals, gender equality, the workplace and well-being.

Ecological Sustainability Promise

Infozone shall be an IT company that is permeated by climate-smart choices both internally and externally.

In our promise of our development in the ecological aspects, we have worked based on sub-goals under the categories: environment, hardware & software and travel.

Economic Sustainability Promise

Infozone shall be a competitive IT provider that offers sustainable IT solutions.

In our promise of our development in the economic aspects, we have worked on the basis of sub-goals under the categories: strategy and stakeholders.

Ethics, Stakeholders and Business Practice

Infozone shall conduct business in an ethical manner with respect for our fellow human beings and develop the company with good business practice. We have zero-tolerance for anti-corruption and bribes, and we work to counteract this in our business. We will work even closer to our partners to do together what we can to reduce the negative environmental impact that IT has today in the digital society. This is one of our clear focus goals in our strategy.

Gender Equality & Diversity Policy

At Infozone, it is important to have employees with different backgrounds, personalities, and genders to enrich and strengthen our teams. Our gender equality and diversity perspective will permeate the entire Infozone operations. We all see ourselves as equal individuals who give each other opportunities to grow together. It is extra important with diversity and with a mix of characters as we want to be an innovative company that believes that together we can create unique and good solutions.

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Ta del av vår miljöpolicy som en del av vårt hållbarhetsarbete

Environmental Policy

It is of the utmost importance that we as a company contribute to a better environment. Infozone’s environmental work must be an integral part of everything we do and that in our projects we work together with our clients to prevent environmental impacts to the greatest possible extent and within economically reasonable limits. We are proud to collaborate with partners who have a developed and committed environmental work that enables us to deliver sustainable and digital solutions together.

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