IGEL Technology.

Infozone works closely with IGEL and we are one of the few partners in the world of IGEL Technology who hold their Service Specialization partnership. We work to deliver solutions around both their hardware and software, let's tell you more.

IGEL Velocity Services Specialization

Simple, Smart and Secure – watchwords for thin clients from IGEL Technology and we can really agree with that. With a centralized environment, you gain control over your business while offering your employees a user-friendly solution. With their software in the form of their own operating system, you can offer your employees a workplace both at home and in the office.

IGEL OS (Operating system)

IGEL OS is IGEL’s well-proven operating system, which in fact, in our opinion, is the perfect “next generation edge OS” for delivering cloud desktops/virtual desktops. Able to standardize different endpoints on a unified platform, this OS gives you adaptive configuration and granular control while providing users with a familiar, hassle-free and simple workspace. IGEL OS supports more display protocols and connected peripherals than any other option on the market. Just IGEL OS 11 is purpose-built to provide corporate access to virtual environments of all kinds. With IGEL OS, you can convert your existing computers into thin clients and give them a longer lifespan while being more environmentally friendly. It is simply a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for your organization. IGEL’s solutions are used today by customers all over the world with over 3 million IGEL Technology OS-powered customers and we can proudly say that we are one of their main partners in Sweden with our service expertise.