Infozones Gender Equality & Diversity Policy

At Infozone, it is important to have employees with different backgrounds, personalities, and genders to enrich and strengthen our teams. Our gender equality and diversity perspective will permeate the entire Infozone operations. We all see ourselves as equal individuals who give each other opportunities to grow together.

It is extra important with diversity and with a mix of characters as we want to be an innovative company that believes that together we can create unique and good solutions. In our sustainability work, we have a goal of getting a breadth in our applications and having recruitment advertisements that attract a large width.

If you want to know more about all our parts in our sustainability work in addition to the work with our gender equality & diversity policy, click here.

We strive to create a work environment that involves:

  • That Infozone’s workplace is permeated by skills, experiences, knowledge, age, personalities that we gain through our diversity.
  • That we have an even distribution between men and women in our workplace and to show an increased interest in general for women in the IT industry.
  • That all our employees have the same rights and opportunities within the company.
  • That we are a workplace that has zero tolerance for harassment, special treatment or discrimination based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, social background, ethnicity or functional variation.