Infozones Environmental Policy

It is of the utmost importance that we as a company contribute to a better environment. Infozone’s environmental work must be an integral part of everything we do and that in our projects we work together with our partners to prevent environmental impacts to the greatest possible extent and within economically reasonable limits. We are proud to collaborate with partners who have a developed and committed environmental work that enables us to deliver sustainable and digital solutions together. For us as an IT company, it is important that we work to optimally adapt all our solutions to our customers. We strive to use and offer products that meet the Environmental Management Council’s (MSR) requirements for IT products with regard to energy consumption.

Internally, we constantly have an open dialogue with our employees regarding everyone’s opportunities to influence in a positive direction through, for example, waste sorting, transport options to and from work (bicycle, public transport, carpooling), digital meetings, and reducing paper consumption, etc. Infozone is ready for changes in the outside world and is thus open to constantly working agile with our environmental work. We have a sustainability promise that we will be climate-smart and work on the basis of several sub-goals to achieve a climate-smart Infozone. Do you want to know more about our climate footprint in our climate report? Then you will find more information in the link below.