Citrix NetScaler Skånetrafiken

Citrix NetScaler Skånetrafiken

With a high Citrix expertise, Infozone was able to modernize and simplify Skånetrafiken´s work and help their travelers through a new centralized web platform with Citrix NetScaler.

Skånetrafiken faced a change with their Citrix environment and needed to develop several parts to meet the demands that came internally from the organization and externally from their travelers. They had an outdated web platform with poor redundancy and accessibility.

Skånetrafiken wished for a new web platform that could manage the centralization of their new systems, a good connection between their CRM systems and the external web. They wanted a modern platform with new servers that easily could sync the cases that were submitted and connect them back to the employee that posted the case.


Infozone started their work by building a whole new environment for Skånetrafiken through a Citrix NetScaler SDX based solution located in two different data halls. With this solution, they now have separate instances for internet and local intranet helpdesk systems. They also have a brand new Citrix environment with the latest version of Citrix XenApp that can handle all application delivery for traffic management and Skånetrafiken´s Customer Service.

Today, Skånetrafiken has an extremely high traffic volume that their new environment copes with; about 4,000,000 requests on their site/ a day that reaches their Citrix NetScaler.

The reason why Infozone chose to build Skånetrafiken´s new environment on XenApp and NetScaler was to provide them with a safe environment, minimize attacks, and to offer them a higher performance for their employees and travelers.

Before their sites could go down due to high loads, for example at winter time, a problem that Skånetrafiken has minimized through this new solution with redundancy in two different data halls for internal and external web with Citrix NetScaler.

Products in Skånetrafiken´s Citrix Environment:

  • NetScaler SDX, (2 hardware, 2 pair with 5 in each, virtual NetScaler instances)
  • XenApp Enterprise edt.


Today, Skånetrafiken fully utilizes the web with its new functionality and that places high demands on security and functionality to be able to accommodate all the demands that their traveler’s requests. This means that Infozone and Skånetrafiken still have a close cooperation to ensure that their environment continues to follow the new demands and updates it with the new functionalities that requires.

We have a nice and very easy collaboration with Infozone, they understand the challenges we ́re facing and continuously helps us with the right solutions for developing Skånetra ken,

Pär Svensson

IT-Manager, Skånetrafiken