Virtual Applications and Desktops.

An important part of the digital workplace that really got an extra boost and its importance for businesses became clear when the world was almost shut down by the pandemic. Are you off to a good start with your virtual desktops and applications?

A large part of the digital workplace is to move parts or the entire IT environment to the cloud. Because today there is probably almost no organization that does not work in one way or another with the cloud where you then have some of your applications or your workspaces in the cloud, through for example virtual desktops and virtual applications, right? This is to make it easier for your employees, your external resources or your temporary employees to access their work in the place where they are; but this way of working requires safety rules and a good foundation in your infrastructure solution. Something that we have been specialists in since Infozone’s start and we proudly deliver solutions to large organizations in Sweden in several industries and verticals.

What we offer.

  • Transillumination and Counseling of existing solution
  • POC
  • Implementation, operation and support of your virtual applications and desktops

We have a proud partnership with Citrix and Microsoft to deliver solutions around Virtual Desktops and Applications.