Endpoint OS Management.

Let your employees get the most and the best out of the digital workplace.

The fact that the employee’s work is the focus of the digital workplace is not something we should change today, but how do they open up their virtual desktops? An alternative is through “thin clients” to extend the life of your existing computers. This is done by blowing up the computer and only having an OS on it. Then you can define what is on each device, it becomes a secure solution where you easily give your employees access while doing something good for the environment. It will be a clear simplification for your IT department, which can push out updates and create rules for each group in a single interface.

What we offer.

  • Counseling
  • POC
  • Implementation and support of your device management solution
  • Operation

We have a proud collaboration with IGEL and Microsoft to deliver your solutions regarding Endpoint OS Management!