User Security.

In order for the digital workplace to be safe and good for your employees, it is necessary that you have good support for user security. Do you have it?

Did you know that it is your users who today primarily expose your organization to threats? Through your users’ computers, one can get further into the computer hall or into your mail, scary, isn’t it? Today, so-called Ransome Ware is common, where hackers access your files, lock them and then demand a ransom from you to regain access to your files. At Infozone we have a good portfolio of security solutions and EDR (Endpoint Detection Response) that help you and your employees avoid this type of attack and you protect your business from losing both priceless information, money and working time.

What we offer.

  • Transillumination and Counseling of existing solution
  • POC
  • Implementation, operation and support

We are proud to collaborate with Birdefender and Ivanti to deliver solutions regarding the security for your users.