Monitoring Systems.

Take the opportunity to keep track of your business while you both facilitate and streamline the work of your IT department with a good solution for supervision and monitoring.

We dare say that a large part of IT departments’ jobs consists of troubleshooting. Do you agree? However, today there are tools that can facilitate and streamline their work. These tools can keep track of all your systems and that also includes each user’s computer. These tools/systems can both report on the errors and solve them. We have examples where, with the help of ControlUp, we received suggestions for a solution from a user who works from home; where Controlup was able to calculate that the employee was sitting too far from his router and in that case received too poor a signal on his Wi-Fi. A banal feature may seem but very much worth for a help desk that can get this information while helping the user.

What we offer.

  • Transillumination and Counseling of existing solution
  • POC
  • Implementation
  • Support & Operation

We have a proud collaboration with ControlUp to deliver solutions regarding Monitoring Systems.