Load Balancing.

Be ready for the times during the year when you may experience overload, think about your load balancing.

Load balancing can be done in several different areas, and we work with that to prevent excess capacity and interruptions for our customers by distributing available capacity equally to different locations. By distributing the work between cooperating computers and, for example, to the servers on a website. Load balancing is extra important at, for example, big occasions on the internet such as Black Friday, the tax declaration or Ticket release for trains for Christmas, etc. However, load balancing a web service is not only about distributing resources, but there are great advantages with Citrix NetScaler which also makes your service more secure. Let us tell you more about this.

What we offer.

  • Counseling
  • Implementation
  • Operation and support

Why not do like Resurs Bank and take help from us at Infozone

With Infozone, we have gained a partner with high competence who helps us in the development of secure load balanced services. Infozone is always there as a support in complex technical questions and challenges. With their help, we are building the bank of the future in the cloud.

Christopher Willirin

Resurs Bank

We have a proud collaboration with Citrix and are one of the leading partners in Sweden for delivering solutions based on Citrix NetScaler for load balancing.