File Sharing & Shared Workspaces.

Make sure that you share files in a secure way with your co-workers.

File sharing is today a large part of our work, we share drawings, texts, quotes, work etc. with each other. Right? But how do we actually secure our file sharing? Because what actually happens when a hacker gets access to your files and puts malicious code on a server that then sends out updates, as in the Coop case, for example, when updates were sent to all stores. Today, you can secure file sharing by, for example, requiring passwords, that documents are only opened once before they are deleted, etc. there are the right tools to secure the sharing of your files. Do you currently work with another mail provider or if you are perhaps on an Onprem. Exchange server and want to move your files and your mail to Office 365. Then we have the opportunity to help you with this migration.

In our solutions for file sharing and shared workspaces, we work with software such as OneDrive, Teams and Sharefile.

What we offer.

  • Transillumination and Counseling of existing solution
  • POC
  • Implementation and support

We have a proud collaboration with Citrix and Microsoft to deliver your solutions regarding File Sharing & Shared Workspaces.