Cloud Strategy.

Let Cloud Strategy become an easy choice for you! We help you with planning, migration, modernization and management of your applications in your choice of cloud service.

There are two different types of cloud strategies that we at Infozone work with and that is to move entire operations up to the cloud in Azure for example or to help companies with a hybrid solution where they wish to have a certain part in the cloud and a certain part on prem. We at Infozone help create our customers’ cloud strategy from grain to loaf.


Infozone helps you plan your migration of applications and data for a successful outcome. We evaluate your current solution, make suggestions on what should be prioritized and how a migration should take place. Our work includes, among other things, financial calculations, definition of requirements for security, determining key figures, risk analysis and investigation of how the organization may need to change.


We perform migrations of your applications and data in a cost-effective and secure way. For example, identity management, configuration standardization, network management and security optimization are important components. Infozone’s extensive experience with a framework based on agile principles and our certified specialists means that we can handle the most complicated migration projects.


To harness the capabilities of the cloud and create the leading data-driven services of the future, organizations need to modernize their applications. We help you evaluate different alternatives and carry out a modernization of your applications in an efficient way. By using cloud providers’ databases, containers and serverless, we can be your long-term partner in modernization.


Let Infozone manage your applications in the cloud so you can focus on developing new innovative applications that make your organization a leader. We handle updates/upgrades and ensure that your environment is safe and cost-effective. We agree together on which times your environment needs monitoring and our certified technicians are available according to the agreed SLA to handle any problems.

What we offer.

  • Transillumination and Counseling on existing solution
  • POC
  • Migration

To offer our customers a good Cloud Strategy, we have a close collaboration with Citrix and Microsoft.