Cloud-Based Printing and Document Management.

Don’t forget the importance of security when working with your print solution and document management in the cloud. Let us tell you more!

The modern workplace today consists of many different components in order for it to function well. One of these components is the handling of documents and how you handle your print environment. Do you have one or more printers in your organization today? It is more common than we think to still use printers for document management, copying, scanning and printing. But that also requires clear guidelines regarding security and GDPR when you have a print solution in the cloud, do you have that? But it is not only security and GDPR that are important factors when companies work with cloud-based printing, it is also the question of how it is balanced in the organization with climate impact and what cost savings you can make.

Today we work with one of the largest organizations in Sweden as one of our customers regarding cloud-based printing/document management and we help them daily in their work so they can focus on their work and know that it is safe, secure while doing so little climate footprint as possible.

What we offer.

  • Counseling
  • Implementation
  • Operation and support

We are proud to collaborate with Papercut so that we can deliver solutions regarding Cloud-based printing.