IZ Service Desk

Let us introduce you to our service desk

IZ Service Desk offers you accessibility, takes responsibility and promises a breadth of knowledge when we answer all your IT questions. The value of using our Service Desk lies in the fact that you do not have to spend time on technical problems and incidents. You should be able to focus fully on your business and to develop your business.

Would you like to learn more about our service desk?

Do you want help with your IT questions? Then IZ Service Desk acts as an extra reassuring hand for you and gives you the support you need. We really create care-free IT as you can focus on your business and leave your IT to us. Our service is simple because you know what you are getting and if you are not satisfied, you can cancel it whenever you want without a commitment period. IZ Service Desk is available to you regardless of location and is staffed between 08.00 – 17.00 on weekdays.

Start-up of IZ Service Desk

In order for the start-up of the service to take place smoothly and quickly and for us to get a good picture of your expectations, our experts carry out a screening of your environment. We interview those responsible and takes a closer look at your applications, patch levels and creates an overall picture of your IT. The screening results in a report and serves as a basis for your Service Desk.

How we operate

Infozone has many years of experience in managing operating environments to our customers. We build our Service Desk function on this experience and the “best practice” we have created along the way. Through our internal processes and in our case management system, all history and all your questions are saved. We can always go back and jointly analyze questions and answers.

Through this traceability and these clear routines, we can also help you with recommendations for the future. We do this at the status meeting that we agree with you. In order to jointly focus on the future, we look at statistics on matters, the degree of fulfillment of SLAs and other jointly agreed KPIs.

IZ Service Desk

  • SEK 300 / user and month
  • Opening hours: weekdays between 8-17
  • Gathering point for your IT issues
  • Free number of calls and emails per month
  • Recurring status meetings
  • Feedback within 1 hour
  • Monthly subscription
  • One month’s notice
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