Microsoft SharePoint is a great collaboration platform and we can offer you advice on simple steps for a successful implementation!

Collaborate with SharePoint

At Infozone, we describe Microsoft SharePoint as a collaboration platform. The platform simplifies your organization´s information sharing, internal collaboration skills and can seamlessly manage your business communications in SharePoint. At Infozone, we continually work to push the limits for the intranet of the future.

Microsoft SharePoint is a fantastic product with a great deal of potential. But the product can also be a complex solution, and if built in the wrong way, it will not be received well, and could result in and low confidence and minimal management. We have been involved in several customer cases where SharePoint initially had a poor reputation amongst its users until the solution had been upgraded to its new format. What appeared to be an entirely new technology was really just an improved solution with requirements structured in a better way using smarter features.

Infozone can offer advice on simple steps for successful implementation:

  • Start small, but think big picture.
  • Make sure to get the management team on board and appoint ambassadors that can help you drive projects. Involvement leads to commitment.
  • Identify a small number of critical success factors.
  • Invest in a short project, but with a long introduction that works actively with change management and education.
  • Make sure to have a plan for further development.
  • Connect a support agreement with long-term management.
  • Be ahead of the technology – leverage smart improvements.

Change Management

If you have the opportunity, allow someone from your organization to work with change management. This person must have the understanding and ability to overcome the learning curve your users often feel. Education and communication are important cornerstones for the success of SharePoint.

Common Applications on Sharepoint:

  • Digital workplace
  • Intranet with news features
  • Extranet for external stakeholders
  • Document management
  • Management and quality
  • Project locations
  • Management meeting where releases, news, problem areas and further development are discussed and designed.
  • Information portal with integration to other systems
  • Decision support board with the KPIs (Business Intelligence)

Business Development

Infozone works with business development and demand analysis. We assess your business situation and needs and then set goals and determine their potential impact on your business. We also appoint the features that should be included, and perform feasibility studies. Our idea is to perform a preliminary study on the feasibility of the solution– a flash study with the following content:

  • Current situation
  • Overall goals
  • Target groups for the solution

The result will consist of a brief report including a Gap analysis.

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