Customized Systems

Infozone has the experience to take you from start to finish and customize systems based on your needs.

Our customized systems

Recently, there has been a growing demand for off the shelf systems. With that said, businesses also face unique needs and requirements that require attention to detail, so it is important to find customizable solutions to suit the specialized needs of your business.

Here at Infozone, we have the experience to take you from start to finish with your projects and help your organization reach its full potential with our personalized solutions.

Engineering skills and domain-driven approach

Engineering skills are easy to recognize but hard to describe, as they are not tied to a specific engineering discipline or industry. Chemists, mechanical engineers or software developers can all be considered engineers. At Infozone, we believe that it is important that software systems are detail oriented while at the same time maintaining a big picture focus with an end goal in sight.

Oftentimes, the final goal of a customized system is overlooked as discussions regarding requirements gatherings have a tendency to jump to technical details such as code, databases and appropriate design patterns that can be applied. A misdirected focus increases risk for the business as basic problems are overlooked. This in turn might cause the system itself to cause more problems rather than providing support for the operation. This is precisely why believe in a domain-driven approach and place each project´s primary focus on the problem area and its logic in order to provide innovative solutions.

Our skills and tools

Infozone possess a complete set of skills and experience in the field of customized systems:

  • Operation investigation / requirements and analysis services
  • Architecture expertise in software development
  • Administrative and Technical Project management
  • System development services for Microsoft .NET

We personalize our techniques based on your demands, a few examples of the techniques and tools we use include:

  • Visual Studio and Team Services
  • SQL Server
  • WCF
  • .NET Core and ASP .NET Core
  • SharePoint Online and Office365
  • Xamarin
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Etc
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