Managed Services

With our Managed Services we give our clients the possibility to focus fully on their core business. We call it carefree IT!

Managed Service is a service concept where companies decide to let other companies manage selected parts of your organization’s systems, processes or functions. The benefits of employing a managed service can be divided into three different catagories which are interconnected. These categories are administrative, security or economical. A managed service can be performed either at your location (on-site) or at the supplier (off-site). The aim is usually to perform managed services off-site due to benefits from the economies of scale, and it usually creates huge profits for both parties.

At Infozone, managed service gives us the opportunity to offer our clients a stable and efficient IT environment where the customer in turn will be given the opportunity to fully focus on their core business and develop their strategic skills. Infozone offers our customers to option manage all or parts of their IT environment through operation, management, monitoring and support.

Infozone´s philosophy regarding managed service

Time doesn´t go by faster, but the time between changes and shifts will be shorter and shorter as time progresses and as new generations will be entering the workforce. This poses major challenges for many companies. Specifically, challenges that often places high demands on the IT organization. How will your organization be staffed? How can your company ensure that the right skills are available? How can technology keep up with the business and the market´s rapid pace? How can your company keep track of technology development?

At Infozone, managed service aims to optimize the development, operations and support of our client´s IT environment and create a cost-effective solution based on our clients needs. Infozone´s managed service also aims to work in partnership with our clients so that together we can ensure a successful future. We aim to work in cooperation developing our client’s IT environment with the aim of creating security, simplifying management and reducing costs.

Building blocks for our Managed Services concept

  • Scalability – demands and skills to change in a changing world
  • Flexibility – the service is customized based on our clients needs today and in the future.
  • Cost savings –the main reason for choosing this type of service is to save on unnecessary expenses. By paying a flat fee in exchange for example, a functioning IT environment, you avoid the substantial costs that can arise when things fail. By highlighting hidden costs, we offer you the opportunity to make ample savings.
  • Proactivity – continuous monitoring, management, and operation conditions are created for a stable and secure environment over time.
  • Sustainable Management – build a sustainable future. Our solutions must be easy to hand over to our clients or to other stakeholders.
  • Life Cycle Management – we always strive to maximize the benefits of all IT investments, both in terms of technology and environmentally.
  • Vendor Neutral – user experience, security and economy are primary. The choice of technology, products and supplier are secondary. We offer a blended solution.
  • Collaboration – no one is the best at everything, so cooperation with clients and other stakeholders is one of the main keys to success.

Infozone offers expertise with our services such as

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Analysis & Investigation
  • Implementation
  • Development & Management
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