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Project Managers at Infozone

Infozone's Project Managers are result-oriented and proactive. We run your projects from start to finish!

Do you feel that your projects can be delayed, costs more than planned and still don’t meet the goals? Are resource needs and risks clearly defined in your projects? Is your world changing so often that each project places high demands on flexibility? If your answers are yes, then our project managers can help you!

The issues raised above are common within many organizations and different types of businesses. To manage and reach all the way, our project managers work with well-proven methods that can be adapted to your needs in order to drive the project in a structured manner. In order to achieve the desired position for the effects that change, and development should give, both the planning and the actual implementation are structured.

Our project managers are proactive and result-oriented and work with structured and methodically implemented projects which gives control of the project. Then they can also quickly pick up and handle any deviations before they have any negative impact.

We can run smaller, larger, complex or slightly simpler projects, agile or traditional and with energy and experience we ensure that your projects get the right start and drive and reach the set goals. Our project managers have experience of running projects in all of Infozone’s business areas; Business Intelligence, IT Infrastructure and System Development. We run projects where our own technical consultants deliver the solution within the scope of our business areas, but also in projects with our customers, where Infozone has no technical delivery.

How does a project manager work at Infozone?

Infozone’s project manager works with well-proven and the work is guided by certain predetermined control documents, according to the selected project model. Throughout the project, you will receive continuous status on the project’s results and any deviations will be managed in a structured manner with control and follow-up.

Our Project Managers have the experience from various project models, such as Pejl, PPS and Prince 2, where we can work both agile and in traditional waterfall projects. If you have any other project model you want us to use then we are always open to take it on.

If you want to work agile, we have several trained Scrum masters who, with the Scrum method, focus on business benefits and give you the opportunity to change the project after your demands in a structured way. We work according to Scrum with backlog where we together with you prioritize the wishes that exist.


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