Infrastructure Services

Find the right infrastructure solution for your organization, we promise can make a difference with our infrastructure services.

Is your IT infrastructure properly set up, designed and optimized for your organization? Does it deliver the value that is expected and is it safe? Within the sector of infrastructure, Infozone provides a variety of pre-packaged services that easily can be adapted to our clients.


The aim with ISA is to create a foundation and an analysis of the IT infrastructure. ISA can be performed on all or part of our client’s infrastructure.



Regardless of the extent and industry for your organization, ISA is implemented through three steps:

  • Workshop: Infozone’s experts interview representatives from your IT organization to receive a detailed overview of your environment and then we can form an opinion on how the internal organization operates.
  • Fluoroscopy: Hands-on steps where our experts analyze design, settings, review the documentation, construct an overview of the dependencies and make sure the environment is set up using best practices.
  • Presentation of the report: Reports are presented to selected members of your organization. The reports present the results of the review and suggestions for improvement and recommendations for next steps.

ICA – Infozone Citrix Assessment

The aim of ICA is to support our clients in strategic work on the Citrix environment. We assess how it looks today and how we can develop the environment to meet future needs and requirements. ICA works as a technical support to clients and provides valuable support in the dialogue with existing operational partner and with Citrix.

ICA includes in the configuration the following parts:
  • Infrastructure Site Audit (Fluoroscopy) Detailed fluoroscopy of your Citrix environment, workshop and reports.
  • Citrix ProActive Support Monthly review of critical components and features to minimize the daily support of your Citrix environment and create stability.
  • TAM – Technical Account ManagerWe pair our clients with a dedicated Citrix expert from Infozone that will assist with any needs.

Centralized GPU

Several organizations whose employees work with graphically intensive applications are experiencing limitations in terms of ergonomics, economy and flexibility. At Infozone, we have the ability to offer our clients a centralized service for the GPU which creates flexibility, mobility and cost effectiveness.

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