IT Infrastructure

At Infozone, we structure and automate our customers´ IT environments to create an optimal functioning, safe and sustainable operation over time with focus on profitability, safety and economy.

Structure and automatize your IT

IT infrastructure today is a collective term consisting of both physical and virtual components that together form the basic platform for an organization´s information capital. Information capital is all the data that an organization creates daily, processes and stores. Information capital paired with human capital is the main part of an organization´s value. A stable and secure IT infrastructure is of fundamental importance to an organization’s success and survival.

Infozone´s philosophy regarding infrastructure

Infozone has in-depth experience in the business area of IT Infrastructure. Our senior and committed architects together with our technical specialists are responsive to our customers´ needs and challenges. A solution for us is not just about technology, it also must be designed and anchored with your goals and strategies. Our solutions create real business value! Our technical solutions are different for each customer and adapted to your organization’s needs. The solutions and services we provide remedies not only business problems but also creates business advantage.

Generellt bygger vårt infrastrukturkoncept på följande principer:

  • Centralization – Distributed IT/ Desktops provides an efficient and secure handling of clients and nables flexibility.
  • Flexibility – The solution is custom made for the users and not the other way around.
  • Scalability – Dynamic capacity provides the ability to expand or reduce the solution over time. The future is uncertain #shifthappens
  • Self Service/ Automation – Gain a cost-effective, secure administration and support, this frees time and time is money.
  • Sustainable Management – Building a sustainable future. Our solutions must be easy to provide to our customers.
  • Life Cycle Management – We always strive to maximize the benefits of all IT investments, both in terms of technology and the environment.
  • Vendor Neutral – User experience, security and economy are primary. The choice of technology, products and supplier is secondary. Blended solution.
  • Collaboration – No one is the best at everything. Collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders is one of the keys to success.

At Infozone, we offer expertise with our it infrastructure with services like

  • Strategy & Consulting
  • Analysis and Investigation
  • Implementation
  • Development and Management

Infozones partners in it-infrastructure

To enable the highest quality with our delivery to our clients and to offer them the right technology and functions based on their organization’s needs, we collaborate with several strategically chosen partners. They all have solid experience in their technology areas and gives us access to unique support, expertise and quality assurance. Our strong partnerships with our product suppliers makes us in an early phase acquainted with products and solutions of the future.

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