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We have several different types of Business Intelligence solutions that we are proud of here at Infozone. We provide Better BI by Design!

Which BI-solution fits your organization best?
We have vast experience regarding BI-solutions. Let us show you!


Infozone has in-depth knowledge and experience on how to effectively reach out and organize information from SAP using Qlik Connector for use with SAP NetWeaver. It enables users to quickly, easily and flexibly analyze data. Infozone has worked with SAP and Qlik in a wide variety of companies, industries and functions.

Our knowledge includes the following benefits:

  • A variety of startup applications
  • A solution to keep track of metadata from SAP
  • A solution for managing and monitoring of SAP authorizations
  • The ability to combine SAP data with other external information
  • Combine data from SAP reports, Queries, BW etc.
  • Ability to follow-up from high level to transaction level


Keeping track of inventory and capital tied is a top priority for many organizations. First, it is important to ensure that your business has the right products in stock to meet the demands from your customers. Furthermore, you do not want to incur excessive costs by having too many goods sitting in the warehouse with the risk of your products going bad.

Let us help you improve your inventory control and achieve:

  • Reduced capital tied up in stock
  • More effective forecasting
  • Improved service levels
  • Reduced manual handling


Staff moves along with the movement of your organization, and is oftentimes spread geographically. Maintaining good control over HR procedures creates a solid foundation for several important issues such as health status, career, wages, training, talent management, overtime and reorganization.

Here at Infozone, we can help our customers with:

  • Wage analysis
  • Health and absence analysis
  • Education planning
  • Net changes in workforce
  • Cause of staff changes
  • FTE and headcount calculations
  • Current and former positions on each employee


One of the most important factors for success of a business is keeping track of profitability and pricing. Infozone’s knowledge and experience of this type of Business Intelligence solution can contribute to further improvements in profitability follow-up, such as:

Infozones kunskap och erfarenhet kan bidra till fler förbättringar inom lönsamhetsuppföljning, så som:

  • Better knowledge and understanding of what drives actual profitability
  • Knowledge regarding which are the most and least profitable products
  • Better control in terms of both gross and net margin
  • Reveal hidden costs
  • Shows the actual discounts


It is very important for organizations to have good governance and efficiency of the sales process, efficient and effective resource placement, and good customer relationships to generate sales. Furthermore, it is important that sales resources are used properly, and you have the ability to determine which processes are running smoothly and which ones are lagging behind.

Infozone can assist sales organizations with:

  • Overview of how different sales areas passed with the budget and sales from the previous year
  • Better use and value of your organization’s CRM system
  • Increased efficiency within the sales organization through the opportunity to get an overview of your needs
  • Reduced manual work with Excel when a large part can be automated
  • Easier to get a complete picture of the activity that has been driven by customers and its results


It is crucial to have good control over your ledger and make a proper financial follow-up. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that you have a good overview of the income statement and balance sheet from the account group level down to the transaction level. This also requires you to get a good financial overview of your organization by monitoring cash flow and invoices.

Through our vast experience with Business Intelligence solutions, we can work with our clients to create the following improvements regarding financial monitoring:

  • A more dynamic way to check on the income statement and balance sheet
  • Better insight into the general ledger
  • Ability to follow-up from highest to lowest level
  • Ability to make forecasts

Tacton CPQ Analytics Template

In order for Tacton’s customers to be able to quickly start analyzing and monitoring their CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) data, Infozone has developed a standard Qlik Sense solution, which we call the CPQ Analytics Template.

The template works in conjunction with the Tacton CPQ option API for Analytics and contains a pre-defined data model based on the standard “vanilla” CPQ configuration. The CPQ Analytics Template contains 13 different tables/ objects and dynamically handles how to store historic CPQ data. The solution also consists of serveral visualization use cases that enables a quick way to insights to your CPQ data.

CPQ Analytics Template by Infozone includes:

  • Premade connections between the 13 included CPQ tables/ objects
  • A way to manage the entire ETL process from raw data to analytics insights
  • Manages the data merge between new and historic CPQ data
  • Functional data model based on the standard “vanilla” CPQ configuration
  • Currency consolidation between different currencies
  • A dynamic and flexible way to manage customized configuration parameters
  • State of the art visualizations

Budget & Forecast

It is important that your company can make the right decisions to streamline and develop your business. Are you working in old habits with Excel files or systems when it comes to your budgets and forecasts? Then we at Infozone collaborate with Effectplan, which is an effective tool just for your work with Budget & Forecasts. We make sure you invest properly in your future by digitizing your budgeting & forecasting process.

Infozone can help you with your budgets and forcast:

  • Help you make better & correct decisions in an easy and smooth way.
  • Give you better insight into your finances.
  • Relieve you by embedding, Effectplan into your chosen BI solution to avoid all your lists in Excel or obsolete systems.
  • Managing the budget & forecasting solution so that it works well with QlikView, Qlik Sense or Power BI. We help you to make it work for your chosen system.

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