Published 29 November 2018

When your IT tools becomes a natural part of your everyday life

When your IT tools becomes a natural part of your everyday life

Infozone's Digital Coaches enables you to use your IT tools and make them into a great investment. It's too many businesses that invest in very good IT tools, but do not use their full potential, you have to change the way your users work. Let me tell you more about how we work.

Many of us are members of a gym, but there are not so many who can answer yes to the question of regular exercise. A gym card is a very good investment – if used…I am currently in a “not-so-active” phase in life where training is not possible. For my membership at the gym should be a good investment, I need to make a change in my life so exercise becomes a natural part of my everyday life. The same goes for investments in IT tools. It will be a better investment, the more people who use them, and for that to happen, a changing approach is often required. Here Infozone’s Digital Coaches comes into the picture.

Let us help you with your IT tools

Digital Coaches makes you benefit from your IT tools

Infozones Digital Coaches works to support businesses so that they get the prerequisites they need to gain all the advantage offered by the new their IT solutions.

Several of you might then think that it is about education and, of course, it is. Educations are part of giving the conditions for your users for a changing approach; it is one part but we also work with a seminar to meet a broader target audience, workshops to find out how the new IT tools best facilitate daily work, gamification to hit the competition nerve (which I think many of us have) and ambassador programs to capture how the changes are received. These are some examples of what we are working with. Everything we do based on their respective activities and what’s best suited to where they are now and what goals they have with the new IT tools.

My name is Katarina Gullstrand and I work as Digital Coach at Infozone. I will be blogging and sharing helpful tips to you all about your IT investments and how to use them in the best way. Hope you like my first blog here about how your IT tools can be a natural part of your everyday life.Contact Katarina Gullstrand, Digital Coach at Infozone

If you want to know more about how we work, Digital Coaches, you will soon get a new blog from me. Do you want my help? Contact Infozone today!