Published 15 February 2022

What exactly is IGEL OS?

What exactly is IGEL OS?

We talk a lot about the IGEL OS, but what is it really and what can it do for your organization? We will touch on this topic in this blog today.

What is IGEL OS?

IGEL OS is IGEL’s well-proven operating system which in our opinion is the perfect “next generation edge OS” for the delivery of workspaces in the cloud / virtual desktops. This OS can standardize different endpoints on a unified platform and gives you an adaptive configuration as well as granular control while giving users a familiar, hassle-free and simple workspace. IGEL OS supports more monitor protocols and connected peripherals than any other option on the market. Just IGEL OS 11 is specially built to provide corporate access to virtual environments of all kinds.

A secure operating system for x86-64 machines, it is designed to be the standard operating system for workspaces in the cloud, PC, laptops, tablets and most x86-64 devices. This allows you to transform your existing computers into thin clients and give them a longer lifespan while being more environmentally friendly. It is simply a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for your organization.

IGEL’s solutions are today used by customers all over the world with over 3 million IGEL OS-driven customers. Infozone is one of the main partners of IGEL in Sweden with a unique partnership where we are also service experts. Something we told about here in our press release.

For which organizations is IGEL OS suitable?

IGEL OS really suits all types of organizations. As IGEL has different types of hardware, they work for all types of work. As IGEL OS is a read-only operating system, it is very secure for your users who work remotely and just as secure for the device you have in your conference room in your office. Are you an organization that has production and several different users use the same unit? No problem because it works just as well there.

You can choose where and how the devices and IGEL OS should be used. In some cases, you may just want to publish, for example, MS Teams, then you do it. Or do you have a Citrix environment where you want to publish desktops and/or applications for your users. If you have a call center, for example, it works just as well to use IGEL OS there and also in healthcare, where you can, for example, use Sith’s card for login. So the summary is that IGEL OS really suits all types of organizations and users.

Do you want to have a meeting about IGEL’s operating system? Do not hesitate to contact us.