Published 2 July 2018

We Create Heroes!

We Create Heroes

It's our slogan here at Infozone, but what do we really mean by this half-provoking phrase? It may seen as obvious to you, but we have chosen to weigh more into the message and thought we should try to pass this on to you - We Create Hereos!

At all times, we have been talking about heroes, a need for heroic role models. We meet them on television, in movies, in stores, in songs etc. But what is a hero? It really is a definition that can be used in several different ways, mainly I think most of us think that it is our everyday heroes who are the true heroes; people in health care, police and fire department, or people with a huge moral courage that stands up for others. Do you know what, we agree!

”We are the heroes of our time”

At Infozone we don´t create heroes by saving lives, we see our heroes in a different way. At most companies, the IT department is the most important function for getting the workplace to run, meeting all the demands the users place in the modern workplace is not always the easiest. At Infozone, we are working to find new unique solutions every day so that IT departments can respond to demands from the organizations. By delivering our solutions to the IT department, they become the heroes of their organization by “IT solves everything”.

That is one part of our meaning of We Create Heroes, that we help our customers become the heroes of their organization. But to accomplish this we need to have our own capes on, but of course we are human too. Sometimes the cobweb does not loosen when we climb the high wall, but unlike Spiderman, we are not alone, we have a team that backs up each other.

When we sit in our recruitment processes, it’s important for us to see the opportunities in each individual. Is this a full-fledged hero or is it possible to develop into one? It is paramount for us that each individual fits into the “crew” and has the same open mind towards fellow human beings as we do at Infozone. To not always enter the company with the same level of knowledge as the “veterans” is not the most important thing but believing that everything is possible and with the eagerness to learn. Wanting to become a hero!

With that said, we want in the most humble way say – We Create Heroes!

We Create Heroes