Published 8 September 2022

Tech innovator, Michael Sender steps in as the new CEO of Infozone

Tech innovator, Michael Sender steps in as the new CEO of Infozone

Infozone is growing and has previously announced that their CEO, Hampus Carnemark is stepping into the role of Head of Expansion and managing Infozone's expansion abroad. Therefore, he is now handing over the CEO position to Michael Sender, an innovator who is becoming a well-established name in tech circles.

Despite a world situation with war, interest rates and energy shortages, Infozone is not afraid to invest in further development and has previously announced that they are choosing to expand in Norway with a new office and a new venture with consulting supply. This investment, which is now led by the former CEO and CEO of Infozone, Hampus Carnemark, now means that he chooses to leave the CEO position for Infozone in Sweden in good hands to Michael Sender.

I have great confidence in Michael Sender and look forward with excitement to see how he will manage the role and develop Infozone in Sweden at the same time as I look over our development in Norway, says Hampus Carnemark.

Michael Sender has a solid background in the tech industry, including as CEO of the Schibsted-owned digital marketplace, which under his leadership went from a small startup to a giant with over half a million daily users. Since 2020, Sender has operated the digital IT procurement platform, Tendelin, and co-founded Infozone’s sister company, Skillnet, that has since 2021 working as an IT consulting brokerage. With a good insight into both the industry and Infozone, it was a natural step for Michael to assume the role as the new CEO of Infozone.

For its size, Infozone is an impressively strong player on the Swedish IT market, with a unique mix of skills in areas where the growth potential has never been greater. In an era of high data complexity, when the normalization of remote work creates growing demands for secure cloud-based work environments, while increasing cybercrime and cyberwarfare bring greater challenges to data security, personal data management and policy compliance, those kinds of skills are becoming increasingly invaluable. The solutions that Infozone previously mainly delivered to customers with particularly high security standards will be more in demand in the wider business world, and then we will be an obvious partner and be ready to deliver the same level of service to everyone. I am very grateful for the trust and look forward with excitement to drive Infozone’s growth journey in Sweden together with the management team, says Michael Sender.

Michael Sender has as his primary focus to work for strong long-term value growth in the company. The first period will be to refine Infozone’s core business in order to drive the company in a more solution-oriented direction, where Infozone’s various areas of expertise have the strongest synergies. The company’s partnership with key suppliers of technology solutions will be strengthened. Competence acquisition and employer branding will receive even greater focus. Above all, Infozone will work to make its services more accessible to new customer segments.

Hampus Carnemark together with his brothers are still a huge and important part of Infozone and the entire Infozone Alliance as both owners and board members.