Published 30 May 2022

Secure Document Management & Print Environments

Secure Document Management & Print Environments

The modern workplace consists today of many different components for it to function well. One of these components is the handling of documents and how you handle your print environment. Parts that should just work, it should be smooth and safe while being environmentally friendly - This is our expertise!

Do you have one or more printers in your organization today? Using printers for document management, copying, scanning and printing is still very common and a must for several businesses. But do you follow the guidelines that exist regarding security and GDPR? Do you think environmentally friendly or do you print a lot of unnecessary that just stays in the printer? These are important questions to answer precisely for your safety and because you can save a lot of money while making an environmentally conscious choice for your organization.

We have the solutions that enable these parts for you while you can get statistics about your new modern way of working.

Today, we collaborate with one of Sweden’s largest print customers and deliver the modern workplace to them through Secure Document Management & Print Environments. The solutions we work with are independent of which service provider you have for print. Infozone has the opportunity to help you from implementation, to operation with an experienced support organization.

Benefits of secure print & document management

  • It is Secure
    Your documents do not risk falling into the wrong hands as they are printed when you are at your printer and you have authenticated yourself.
  • You make an Environmentally Conscious Choice
    You can reduce your print volumes as you do not print a lot of unnecessary documents.
  • It is Cost Saving
    Smaller printouts give you in the big run opportunities to reduce your costs while you streamline your employees’ work.
  • Developing for you organization
    Follow statistics on your work and create clear reports to further develop your work on document management.

If you want to know more about the modern workplace with Secure Document Management & Print Environments, do not hesitate to contact us for a start-up meeting.