Published 4 April 2023

Modern Data Trends in Manufacturing and the Evolution of IT and BI Managers

Modern Data Trends in Manufacturing and the Evolution of IT and BI Managers

The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, and new technology has radically transformed the sector. One significant change has been the increasing importance of data analytics, which has shifted the roles and responsibilities of IT and business intelligence (BI) managers. At Infozone, we want to help our customers find the right solutions for all their IT and BI needs.

Manufacturing data trends have given rise to new ways of analyzing and utilizing data to improve operations. With sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, manufacturers can collect vast amounts of real-time data from their machines, equipment, and products. This data can be used to gain insights into manufacturing processes, identify bottlenecks, and optimize production.

IT and BI Manager Responsibilities

IT managers play a crucial role in ensuring that data is collected, stored, and processed efficiently. They are responsible for establishing and maintaining the infrastructure that enables data collection and analysis, including servers, networks, and storage systems. In addition, they must ensure the data is protected from cyber threats.

BI managers are responsible for analyzing the data and turning it into actionable insights. They use BI tools to create reports and visualizations that enable decision-makers to understand the data and make informed decisions. BI managers must have a deep understanding of manufacturing processes and the ability to translate data insights into actionable strategies. To do this, both IT and BI managers need reliable data tools for data lake management, data warehouse automation, and more.


A Blurring of Lines

Increased data usage has blurred the lines between IT and BI functions. IT managers must have a thorough understanding of business processes and be able to communicate effectively with company leaders, while BI managers must have a strong technical background to be able to work with the large volumes of data. This is where a data estate builder, such as TimeXtender, can prove extremely beneficial. When paired with Self-Service BI tools from Infozone, you can process your data and update your visuals with ease.

Data trends in manufacturing are transforming the roles of IT and BI managers in many ways. As the use of data continues to grow, these managers must adapt to new technologies and ways of working to keep pace with the demands of the industry. By doing so, they can help their organizations stay competitive and improve their processes.

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