Published 16 August 2018

Infozone South is expanding to Skånes IT mecca

Infozone South is expanding to Skåne´s IT mecca

Two years ago, Infozone opened its first office in the south of Sweden in the central parts of Malmö. The journey has accelerated and with an initial focus on Citrix infrastructure solutions and Microsoft Office 365, Infozone in South is now ready to represent all of Infozone Sweden´s business areas. We do this by adding Business Intelligence and System Development to the portfolio. As the company develops, new fresh office is also required, so we move to the Ideon Science Park arean in Lund.

The last years Infozone in the south has grown and been in the front with several large Citrix installations and we are now ready to bring all of Infozone Sweden´s business areas such as Business Intelligence and System Development to the south. In connection with this expansion, we have chosen to move into new offices at Bricks in Lund, a key point at Ideon Science Park.

When Infozone South started, two years ago we were only 2 employees but today we are 10 people working in the south and we continue to grow our workforce. The new office is a central point for all of our consultants with closely proximity to our customers, and we are also looking forward to sitting in a large research center focusing on development. Infozone has been active for over 10 years with a number of offices spread across Sweden and the United States.

– We chose Bricks in Lund to offer our employees proximity and a modern office with all the facilities that may be desired. We strive for a well-being and a happy workplace to give everyone a good feeling of wanting to come to work every morning as well as attract new colleagues, Joacim Häll, Regional Manager at Infozone South.

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New Address:
Infozone Sverige AB
Bricks Lund
Mobilvägen 12
223 63 Lund