Published 1 March 2021

Infozone is the only IGEL Velocity Expert partner in Sweden

Infozone is the only IGEL Velocity Expert partner in Sweden

A while ago, IGEL presented a new partnership program as a small change from their previous program where we at Infozone have been Gold Partners for several years. We thought we would describe a little to you what the new partnership means and what it takes to achieve the status we have today.

Infozone has previously been a Gold Partner for IGEL, which we were the first to become in Sweden and is now moving over our partnership to the new program which is then called for us: IGEL Velocity Expert. The program comes in three levels: Entry, Expert and Elite.

To become an IGEL Velocity Expert, a few different parameters are required, such as:

  • Certifications
    – IGEL Certified Sales Professional
    – IGEL Certified Professional
    – IGEL Certified Engineer
    – IGEL Certified Architect
  • Eligible for Service Specialization
  • Numbers of opportunities won
  • CSAT Score 4.0 (Scale of 5) (Customer Satisfaction)
  • Some turnover at IGEL
  • Create a business plan

We are experts at IGEL and therefore it is extra important for us that we have a good partnership, we stay up to date with all the news that comes, certifications to be able to offer our customers the best service. As part of our work with IGEL, last year we chose to package the office workplace with IGEL UD2 in the base and the home workplace with IGEL UD Pocket in the base. These packages and more about what is included in each package/solution can be found here.

Today, Infozone is the only partner in Sweden with Expert status at IGEL. If you want to know more about our partnership with IGEL, do not hesitate to contact us. We can also reveal that there will soon be an interview where our CEO Hampus Carnemark meets Kent Söderlund at Commaxx to talk a bit about our packaging and the IGEL OS.