Published 25 April 2022

Infozone initiates collaboration with ControlUp

Infozone initiates collaboration with ControlUp

We constantly strive to be at the forefront and deliver solutions that are in demand, not only in the present but also in the future of our customers. Therefore, we can now say that we, as one of the few partners in Sweden, have initiated a collaboration with the monitoring and optimization company, ControlUp. Let's tell you a little more about ControlUp.

“Powering the work from anywhere in the world”, is ControlUp’s slogan and something they stand to be able to enable their customers. But what does it really mean? Today, IT departments work hard and with greater pressure than ever to support those who work remotely. With this, they will then also struggle to keep up with the demands placed on employees while at the same time perhaps working to some extent in outdated tools. Is it recognizable? For over a decade, ControlUp has been working on monitoring and optimizing the Digital Employee Experience (DEX). The goal is to help companies to a more flexible and reliable way of working where their solutions can optimize a remote workplace and prevent downtime. The solutions simplify above all for your IT department as they get a different insight into how your employees’ remote workplace works in real time.

In their platform, they have a function that warns early and helps to capture problems that can lead to, for example, user interruptions. With fast troubleshooting and action solutions, you can quickly prevent interruptions and your employees can continue to work without being affected.

This means that you will be a company that has outstanding digital employee experiences while saving a huge amount of time and money for your organization. Large cost savings can be made by reducing the number of support cases and in the event that these still occur, you can reduce the time it takes to resolve them. It is a flexible and simple security solution for you as you have the monitoring at the same time as you can get assistance with the measures regarding any future problems.

Whether your desktops are physical or virtual or your applications are local or SaaS, your IT department can optimize your environment from a data center or in the cloud = a secure security for flexible work. We are very happy about our new collaboration with ControlUp and we are happy to have a first meeting to tell you more about how you can use their solutions in the best way. Contact us for more information.

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