Published 5 April 2018

Infozone Digital Workplace

Infozone Digital Workplace

In this first part of our series, Infozone Digital Workplace, we will present some of the exciting solutions we offer to prepare you for the modern workplace and how you smoothly can implement the solutions.

Are you ready for the modern workplace?

Times are changing, and technology is moving forward. How do we manage this?

Your colleagues are growing up in a modern era, which constantly place high demands on flexible, fast, mobile and above all modern solutions. How do we meet this at the same time as we demand that our systems have to be safe and reliable with requirements of high availability? Hopefully you will feel that you have some of the answers after reading this blog.

Several companies are currently running or on their way into Office 365. However, many people see it as complicated to navigate among all the features of Office 365 and find it hard to use SharePoint properly. At Infozone, we work to steer you away from costly projects that are “black holes” for your business with unsafe deliveries, poor control over budget, quality and time.


To create a digital workplace becomes more and more important today for you to be an attractive employer and to keep up with the expectations of being a modern workplace. However, the question is wide, and it can be difficult to have the same internal target image about how this will look, the wills can be many and steer in different directions.

At Infozone, we have solid experience in delivering durable as well as high-quality applications on Microsoft SharePoint. Our hard work around your wishes has resulted in a modern, pre-packaged SharePoint solution that we gladly can offer you on your path to the modern workplace.

Let us introduce you to: Infozone Digital Workplace

Our pre-packaged SharePoint solution is constructed in two different modules – Communication and Business. The solution is responsive and easily accessible from all types of devices that you may use in your business.

Learn more about Infozone Digital WorkplaceIntranet/ Communication module

✓ Custom news flow

✓ Smooth editor interface

✓ Powerful search function

✓ Simple and clear navigation

✓ Image management

✓ Selection of favored links as well as tools

✓ Find the right colleague/ department

Business module

✓ Quality and management system

✓ Clickable Process Cards

✓ Processor connected to templates

✓ Preview of your templates

✓ Project and document management

✓ Filter function

✓ Integration with business systems

We can promise you that our solution is well tested to achieve perfection for your modern workplace. Do you want to know more regarding Infozone Digital Workplace, contact us – Let us be a part of your digital journey.