Published 18 December 2018

Get right through the digitalization with your invested IT tools

Get right through the digitalization with your invested IT tools

It is important that IT tools that belongs to digitalization does not feel like an obstacle and just a must but is a support in everyday life and something one feels motivated to use - that is something that is actually something that facilitates everyday life. In my previous blog, I wrote that IT tools should be a natural part of your everyday life. I think we all agree that it should be, but how will it be?

In my first blog, you find it here, I talked about the fact that IT tools should be a natural part of everyday life, now I want to touch how they become it. Today, a digital trip is taking place for many companies, and many investments are often made on IT tools, or the investment has already been made. Then it turns out that no one uses the IT tools as intended. Investments then become “unnecessary” and to no avail.

Infozones Digital Coaches works with the IT tools becoming a natural part of your everyday life and has developed a model for our work around this:

Prepare and Plan

Prior to the actual launch of the new technology, it is important to do proactive work where it is good to find out why and show what the business benefits from the IT tool. They will also feel confident in the change they face.

Inspire and Engage

There are many different ways to inspire and engage those who are affected by the change. It’s about communication and information. Some may be education in different forms, but work with ambassador groups, inspirational seminars, workshops, mini-shows are examples of what can be done. Everything should be adapted to the current business.

Follow Up

Do not forget to follow up the results when the launch is completed. Partly to learn from upcoming launches; What went well and what could have been done differently for this particular business? Firstly, to ensure that the operations will not “fall back” in the previous wheel tracks. Also follow how the implemented is really used. Has it given the effect it was supposed to be? Does further work need to be done to achieve the effect?

Infozone has long been working on technical implementations, but we can do more than that! Infozones Digital Coaches also works with user-friendly issues and gives employees in the business the prerequisites they need to be ready to follow the digital journey!

Are you curious to know more about how we can help your business on your digital journey? Please contact me.

Katarina Gullstrand