Published 28 January 2020

Gain the full potential with Citrix Workspace

Gain the full potential with Citrix Workspace

Toaday's leaders faces challenges with constantly meeting all the needs from their employees. They place demands on the organization in having a first-class working environment, so that they also deliver top class. Am I right? I believe that we can achieve the full potential from our employees if we also dare to make the investments required as I touch base on a little in this blog.

Still working in yesterday’s workspace?

To achieve success within your organization, it’s important that you invest in creating a good infrastructure for your employees to simplify their work and get them more engaged. It can be such a deciding factor today whether or not you can keep your employees. How far have you come on simplifying their work situation regarding logins, transfers between apps, information management etc.? It cannot wait any longer with today’s work situation! Regardless of the size of your company, I dare say this must be prioritized. Simplify the work for your employees and you free up time so they can focus on the right things.

Don’t miss the present with Citrix Workspace

For a long time Citrix has worked with solutions for you to with only one login you access your virtual desktop. They constantly follows developments and are at the forefront based on demands from the market. With Citrix Workspace that I want to highlight in this blog, you can work with the intelligence of micro apps that are set according to each person’s preferences and habits. You have the opportunity to work with your Windows applications, which has not functioned on all devices but through Citrix Workspace they work in the virtual desktop environment.

Switching between apps can reduce productivity by 40%. Source: Harvard Business Review.

With the help from only one secure login you can access you desktop/ workspace from any prefered device and the location of your choice. We can continue on talking about it but we have to face reality, for many of us – Work is not a place. Make the right choice and imrpove productivity and let your colleagues avoid switching between apps.

Citrix Assistant – A productivity booster

Employees spend 20% of their time searching for internal information. Source: McKinsey Insights

And that is way to much time, right? With Citrix Workspace Intelligence there is an amazing function called Citrix Assistant that helps your employees to easy access the information that they might need. It is a search assistant that makes it easy for you to ask questions in your workspace and quickly get the answers. It works as a voice assistant and also in writing. The feature guides you to the right information that can be as simple as where there is a specific document or desire to open all documents with a specific word.

License-based pricing

Citrix Workspace is currently licensed with prices for users / per month where you can choose from packages from Standard, Premium and Premium Plus. My colleagues here at Infozone can help guide you to what packaging is best for your organization’s needs and how to get started in the best way. Have a cloud strategy that makes you in the forefront! My tip is not to miss focusing on the present, it is the one thing that makes you ready for the future and you do with Citrix Workspace. If you want to get an interactive tour of Citrix Workspace, I recommend you to visit the following page:

Eva-Katrine Persson
Key words about Citrix Workspace Intelligence are: Fast, Smooth, Secure and User Friendly!