Published 16 March 2020

Five tips for effective and good remote meetings

Five tips for effective and good remote meetings

Remote meetings are becoming a must in today's society and it is therefore important to have a good structure for both internal and external meetings. We have collected our five best tips from us here at Infozone that can give you more effective and good meetings when you work remotely.

1. Environment: Create an inclusive environment for your meeting. Make sure all your meeting participants have the same conditions. It easily becomes an exclusionary feeling if one or a few people call into a meeting where several people are sitting together. Therefore, make sure that everyone instead sits alone and disconnects in individual rooms.

2. Social: Start by having your cameras turned on to greet each other and chat “with everyone around the table”. Create a good and warm atmosphere at the meeting.

3. Clarity: Make sure to clearly move to start the meeting and go through the meeting agenda. By having a clearly appointed meeting leader who drives the questions forward, the structure is maintained. Here it can be an advantage to turn off the camera so that the focus is not stuck on someone’s sweater or board.

4. Summary: During the meeting, you should regularly summarize what you have come up with. Your meeting leader has the task of summarizing the longer discussions. Also be clear about who writes the protocal from the meeting and who is appointed as the person responsible for the various points/tasks that arise during the meeting.

5. Information retrieval: Whether you work in Microsoft Teams or in any other meeting app, talk clearly about where / how participants can find shared documents, documents from previous meetings or links so that everyone can keep up during the meeting.

We hope that these tips can be of great benefit to you when you have meetings remotely and feel that you are becoming more efficient and have a good structure.