Published 12 October 2022

Citrix ADC vs NetScaler, was it really a watershed?

Citrix ADC vs NetScaler, was it really a watershed?

Or was it clear all along that the customers and we who work with it didn't really like when Citrix chose to change the name of its famous network product from NetScaler to Citrix ADC?

A few years ago, Citrix chose to change some in their name structure and one of those who got a new name was the product NetScaler, which became Citrix ADC. But the customers and we partners have always argued that it will always be NetScaler. Therefore, we are now pleased that Citrix has announced as one of the first things since the merger with Tibco that they are going back to the NetScaler name.

Did you know that 75% of all Internet users rely on NetScaler every day?

NetScaler was originally built as a TCP multiplexer in the early days of the Internet, to help the giants of the web to scale their application performance and accelerate their content delivery. Through efficient connection management, NetScaler dramatically reduced the demands on the back-end server. This efficiency reduced the total cost of ownership for some of the largest Internet companies at the time – most of whom remain NetScaler customers to this day. Surely that’s cool right?

As the NetScaler soared, it became an important key to fast and secure Internet transactions. Today, 75 percent of Internet users rely on NetScaler every time they make an online purchase, complete a stock trade, read the news, and so much more.

What is the next step?

The acquisition of Citrix allows them to focus on improving the products, and they say they plan to invest more in NetScaler, which includes improving integration with Citrix VDI and DaaS solutions, as well as continuing to develop the functionality that their traditional NetScaler customers need to be able to modernize their IT. It will be exciting to follow the development.

It is a product that we have some of the foremost experts in right here at Infozone. Do you want to know how your NetScaler performs today, now that we are more than ever dependent on good networks for the remote workplace or if you already know that you want to switch so that you have a NetScaler solution today? Then don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll have an initial meeting about what it could mean for you, your organization and your business online.