Published 19 October 2021

Challenges with Managing Unstructured Data

Challenges with Managing Unstructured Data

For many organizations data is their most important business asset and yet many organizations fail to realize value from their data. Data-driven decisions leads to more efficient business processes and make employees more productive.

This blog will address some of the data management challenges organizations face today. How do you know if you need a decision support solution that helps produce data to make quick decisions and make corrections needed for your business?

Let us break down some of the challenges so that you can assess whether you’d like to learn more about how we can help with efficient solutions.

  • Do you have a small IT department with a limited budget?
  • Do you want to avoid hiring more staff in your IT department for data management?
  • Are you tired of constant maintenance, upgrades, and changes to various systems?
  • Cannot deliver meaningful analyzes / reports that the business needs?
  • Do you have considerations about migrating your data to the cloud?
  • Do you have an old data warehouse?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are probably ready to take a look at a solution that helps you handle your data more efficiently.

By modernizing your data warehouse, you’ll eliminate all these challenges, because it allows you to turn vast amounts of data from your operational systems into a format that is easy to understand. And, because data warehouses are optimized for read access, you’ll be able to generate reports faster. This, in turn, allows you to make better decisions and make your business process more efficient and productive.

We can meet your challenges with TimeXtender

Making decisions and doing it efficiently and reliably is very important for today’s organizations. We work closely with TimeXtender, a leading company in Data Warehouse Automation. With their system you can directly give people in your organization access to current and correct data that they need to make good decisions.

TimeXtender has several different key functions that you can read more about on our page.

Infozone is a longtime partner of TimeXtender, so don’ hesitate to contact us to book a meeting where we can go through your challenges and tell you more about Data Warehouse Automation.