Infozone Developer Conference 2021

Låt oss Introducera er för Infozone Developer Conference

Infozone Developer Conference - en konferens av utvecklare, för utvecklare. Vi tycker det är viktigt att kompetensutvecklas. Det för oss framåt som utvecklare och vare sig det är nya tekniker, nya mönster eller nya insikter spelar inte så stor roll. Vi vill vara tillgängliga för alla och erbjuda er kompetens i världsklass - helt gratis. Detta bjöd vi på när den första Infozone Developer Conference gick av stapeln den 4:e november.


Vi bjöd in flera intressanta talare till vår konferens och hade du inte möjlighet att gå? Då har vi löst så att du kan kolla på sessionerna i efterhand.

The not-so-SOLID Principles of Software Development – Chris Klug, Active Solution

Most developers have probably at some point been told that the SOLID principles are the foundation that all good software stands on top of. The presenter of this session has even traveled around the world and told thousands of people this at various conferences and user groups. However, is it really so?

After years of talking about, and thinking about the SOLID principles, Chris Klug has started to question the validity of them. Are these principles still valid 20+ years after they were formulated? Or have we moved beyond these principles and found other ”truths” or pillars to build our software on top of?

In this talk, Chris will walk you through each one of the principles and explain what they are supposed to mean, as well as what they actually mean. He will also try to shed some light on whether or not they may or may not be valid anymore. And as you might have guessed by now, telling developers to strictly follow the SOLID principles might not be the most solid advice anymore.

Linux on Windows – It’s real and it’s spectacular – Scott Hanselman från Microsoft

Can you really use Windows to develop Linux apps? How real is WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and how close is it to reality?

Join Scott Hanselman as he walks you through the state of the art of Linux on Windows. What’s possible, what’s not, what about the Windows Terminal and Docker? Tons of lives demos in this highly technical session!

Eventuous: Event Sourcing with .NET, Alexey Zimarev

Alexey created Eventuous with the intention to make Event Sourcing accessible for .NET developers.

Eventuous implements numerous building blocks based on years of experience building production-grade event-sourced systems. Although by far not complete, it provides a solid foundation for either people who are already familiar with Event Sourcing or developers who consider using the pattern but are not sure how to start.

The session is mainly a live-coding demo of what Eventuous has to offer at its core. You will see a small event-sourced application built from scratch, and get a gist of what other things you can do with the library.

The importance of a well thought-out workplace culture – Lovisa Lugnegård, Netlight

I started what I thought would be my dream job, a developer at an international research organisation. I knew it would be different from all previous experiences.

After four and a half months I decided to leave the organisation feeling like an outsider who accomplished nothing. My boss was shocked and told me to stay, I left anyway. So what happened during these months, and is it a problem that ”outsiders” leave? Well, I learnt a lot about the difference of working in a team and working alongside a group of people and yes I do believe it is a problem that ”outsiders” leave.

My hope is that my story can show light on the importance of a well thought-out workplace culture.

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