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At Infozone, we provide the education and guidance necessary to ensure a successful project.

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A common mistake made by many organizations is to take on too much in their projects, making them too large to manage effectively. Starting from scratch with long feasibility studies, where the entire operation is included in workshops is certainly an ambitious approach, and often ends in a long-winded project, a thin wallet and a burnt out project manager.

Developing from scratch can be a costly affair. In conversations with our customers, we often hear the phrase “Our company is unique.” But if you take a step back, how unique is your business really? Surely you belong to an industry, have colleagues, competitors and partners who are facing similar challenges. You most likely work on different types of projects or assignments, and maybe invest too much time searching for information or documents or even colleagues. Furthermore, you want to remain up-to-date with the latest news within your company. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to look at a pre-packaged solution!

At Infozone, we develop user-friendly, pre-packaged solutions. Here we present our solutions on SharePoint Online/ Office 365 with the following functionality:

  • Homepage and shell
    • Graphic template
    • Responsive Design
  • Intranet Functionality
    • Personal anxiety intranet
    • Flash news function
    • News controlled by example place, subject and role
    • Solutions for forms – Self-Service
  • Project and Document Management
    • Order forms for projects
    • Automatic Metadata
    • Managing templates
    • Metadata linked to business processes
  • Search
    • Preconfigured search
    • Advanced search solution to find colleagues
  • Quality and management system
    • Clickable process maps
    • Following ISO standards


Pre-packaged solutions are utilized to their fullest potential when paired with tools and applications in the Office 365 series. A challenge, however, is to demonstrate to businesses how they can fit together and used optimally. Here at Infozone, we provide the education and guidance necessary to ensure a successful project.

Please book a free demo today, contact Johan Lönnqvist, Infozone to receive your demo on our pre-packaged solutions!

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