Infozones Climate Report

In our sustainability work we made a climate report

In connection with the start of our sustainability work during the late summer of 2020, we also wanted to get a better insight into how our climate footprint was. That is why we have made our first climate report based on the year 2020.

We realized quite early in the process that we needed expert help on what type of data we had to gather and how it would be interpreted. We got in touch with the company ZeroMission who helped us to produce the correct measurement values of our imprint so we could produce a qualitative climate report. A result that now allows us to work with a good foundation in our change. The climate report is based on GHG (Green House Gas) protocols which cover different types of greenhouse gases where the activities/ data are placed in three different scopes.

The first year we chose to make a simple climate statement/report where we had the following measurement values:

Scope 1: Business trips with company cars.

Scope 2: Electricity consumption and district heating in offices.

Scope 3: Business trips (flights, buses, trains, hotel nights, business trips by private car, metro, ferry, taxi, rental car), Paper consumption (copy paper), Representation meals, Purchased hardware, and Electricity for working at home.

The results of our climate report for 2020 based on each Scope makes us see what our big Achilles’ heels are. We we thought we could share with you all what our emissions look like based on employees.

1.72 tons CO₂e* per employee

Since 2020 is a more difficult measurement year just because a lot has been canceled and we have not worked in the same way as ordinary years. We know that 2021 will initially be similar to 2020, but hoping for a change in this so therefore we have set the goal for 2021 that we will maintain our emissions per employee as the result for 2020. Our project group for sustainability worked out several sustainability promises and intermediate goals that we have now begun work on to help us keep this goal.

* CO₂e = Carbon dioxide equivalents. A measure of greenhouse gas emissions that takes into account that different gases have different abilities to contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

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